8 Areas to Evaluate When Researching Assisted Living Options

According to Statista, in 2015, there were over 15,000 assisted living communities in the United States alone–and given recent growth, that number has only increased.

Therefore, saying that families have a range of assisted living options for their aging loved ones is an understatement.

In the same way that each person is unique, each assisted living community has its own offerings, values, and character.

From the style of apartments to the caregiving philosophy, your parent has a variety of options to choose from.  

To make the search and selection process easier for you and your loved one, here are some guidelines to use when evaluating assisted living options.

When vetting and considering each community, be sure to take note of the following…

#1: Values

From social engagement and security to comfort and faith, each community holds a set of values that are expressed in the way the community operates and what’s specifically offered to residents.

If ensuring that your father maintains a sense of independence despite a recent fall is of the utmost importance, perhaps seek assisted living options that value both independence and safety.

If enabling your mother to continue to participate in church services and attend Bible study is a priority, we suggest searching for a faith-based assisted living community.

Whatever you’re searching for, finding an assisted living community that aligns with your and your loved one’s values is essential when selecting a place your parent can call home.

#2: Caregiving philosophy

Care can be delivered in a variety of ways based upon the community’s caregiving philosophy.

While some communities take a more personalized approach, others may aim to treat each resident similarly.

At The Ashford on Broad and The Ashford of Mt. Washington, our approach to caregiving helps us deeply understand—and adapt—to your parent’s needs.

For example, we utilize a unique assessment process to craft a care plan for your parent.


When it comes to a new home, the physical environment is everything.

A beautiful natural surrounding and well-designed buildings that enable easy and seamless mobility provide your loved one with a higher quality of experience within the assisted living community.

On the other hand, if a community’s building and grounds have little lighting, limited access to green and natural spaces, and are difficult to navigate—you may want to consider another location.

#6: Apartments


Similar to the last category, the apartments themselves play a key role in your parent’s experience within an assisted living community.

Finding options that feel like home—whether that means a large kitchen, side patio, or high ceilings—will make the transition easier and life more enjoyable for your loved one.

#7: Team members & leadership

Just as other residents in the community contribute to the experience of a place, the team members and leadership are essential components to making your parent feel welcome and genuinely cared for.

Whether it be assisting your mother in activities of daily living (ADLs) or encouraging your father to join the community choir, team members work hard to ensure residents such as your loved one live life to the fullest.

When vetting assisted living options, be sure to converse with and learn about the people that work for and represent the community—they can reveal a lot about whether or not it will be the right match.

#8: Prices

According to after55.com, the national median average for an assisted living facility in 2017 was $45,000 a year.

This can be cost-prohibitive to many families, and taking an honest look at what’s financially viable for your parent will be important to do upfront in your search.

At The Ashford of Mt. Washington and The Ashford on Broad, affordable assisted living is made possible to our residents.

In fact, our communities are typically around 10{66428b7e0c8aff20c6fe525529a828ba776cb26d03e1544c2af380e334db2dbd} to 50{66428b7e0c8aff20c6fe525529a828ba776cb26d03e1544c2af380e334db2dbd} more affordable than other assisted living options in their local areas.  

If you’re worried about how your parent will be able to pay for assisted living, download our FREE checklist “3 Ways to Make Assisted Living Affordable for Your Parent” today!