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Have a Parent in a Rural Area? Beware of These 3 Senior Safety Risks

Photo by Nathan Anderson on Unsplash There are a variety of factors that influence senior safety. From your loved one’s dietary choices to his or her sleep patterns, a number of variables will affect Mom or Dad’s mindset, way of thinking, and quality of life. A big factor for your parent’s safety? Don’t underestimate the […]

Caring for Elderly Parents? 4 Conflicts When Making a Care Decision

Caring for elderly parents brings its own set of unique challenges. Suddenly, you’re faced with making a care decision…and unexpected conflicts with siblings arise or old tensions begin to surface. While some amount of disagreement with family members is inevitable, that doesn’t mean you have to let disagreements spiral into a full-blown war. In this […]

5 Dietary Guidelines for Senior Nutrition

When you think of preserving long-term health for your parent or loved ones, a few things may come to mind. Maybe you think of the various medications that keep their ailments and chronic conditions under control. Or taking them to their monthly doctor appointments. Or perhaps it’s encouraging them to attend a weekly exercise class. […]

Downsizing Tips for a Stress-Free Move to Assisted Living

  Deciding where and when to start. Determining what’s really necessary to keep–and what to donate or throw away. Figuring out how to best preserve breakable or sentimental items. Moving homes has the potential to be an overwhelming and stressful task, regardless of what age you are. Once a senior and his or her family […]

5 Tips for a Smooth Transition to Senior Living

Making the move to a senior living community is often a highly recommended step to preserve the well-being for individuals and their families. That said, big changes or shifts in life will initially require you and your loved one to go through some challenging processes. Moving to a senior living community can be significantly less […]

4 Assisted Living Myths Debunked

When it comes to making decisions related to assisted living, individuals and family members should take the necessary steps to get a clear and honest picture of what their options are. A large part of the assisted living research process is getting clear on what’s true–and what’s hearsay. There are many commonly held false beliefs […]

Why Individualized Care Is Critical in Assisted Living Communities

No two individuals are the same. Each and every one of us and our loved ones have our own preferences, needs, and interests. For this reason, assisted living communities have an imperative to provide customized care suited to each resident. In fact, the movement toward personalized care in assisted living communities has gained increased traction […]

4 Facts About Senior Isolation That Will Surprise You

As your loved one ages, your concern for his or her physical safety and wellness may increase. Whether it be preventing falls or ensuring that your loved one has a balanced diet, there are plenty of factors that affect his or her health. One factor that has more impact than you may think is senior […]