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This Financial Benefit Can Help Your Veteran Loved One Afford Assisted Living

Our servicemen and women give so much time and energy to protect and serve our country. Ensuring dignity, ease, and care for veterans as they age is an important part of expressing our gratitude for their service. However, navigating care in one’s later years can be complicated–from selecting the right care situation to navigating which […]

Assisted Living 101: Activities of Daily Living

Younger, more able-bodied people often take for granted the ease at which they are able to perform daily tasks such as bathing, dressing, and food preparation. As we age, not only do these tasks become more difficult–they can pose a threat to our safety. According to the National Council on Aging, one in four adults […]

Explore Assisted Living Housing Options at The Ashford Communities

  Home. It’s a concept that almost every one of us, despite our background, language, or nationality, can understand. Think for a few minutes about what comes to mind when you think of a home. Perhaps it’s a place you can relax and feel safe? Or a space where you practice the necessary rituals in […]

Help! Mom Doesn’t Think She Needs Assisted Living

Assisted living communities can provide dynamic settings to truly thrive as one ages up. However, making a shift in one’s life can be challenging–even if the shift will be rewarding and beneficial in the long term. As an adult child of an aging parent, you may find that your mother or father will insist that […]

Home Health vs. Assisted Living: Making the Right Choice

At one time, your monthly visits to Dad were enough to help him maintain independence. But now…mowing the lawn and doing small repairs around the house can’t provide the care he needs. If you recognize your parent requires more involved support, such as medication management or prepared meals, you may be debating between home health […]