Will Medicare Pay for Assisted Living?

When making assisted living care decisions for your parent or loved one, there are a range of questions you’ll be seeking answers to.

For example…

What level of care will be the best fit for his or her needs?

How will his or her medications be handled?

What kinds of activities will provide enough physical and mental engagement?

Which location works best for family members and friends to easily visit?

Will Medicare pay for assisted living?

As the last question suggests, one of the most common concerns for families is how to pay for assisted living.

Medicare often covers expenses such as doctors’ services, medically necessary hospital visits, skilled nursing facilities, home health care, and hospice care for individuals ages 65 and up.

However, what many people don’t realize is that Medicare won’t cover assisted living expenses.

Why Medicare Doesn’t Cover Assisted Living

If you wondered “Will Medicare pay for assisted living?”, it’s only natural to be surprised that it won’t cover your parent’s care needs at a senior living community.

You may be wondering why assisted living isn’t covered under Medicare, while services like skilled nursing and home health care are.

You’ll find that Medicare coverage is great for medically oriented care services, such as hospital care or prescription drugs.

However, assisted living is classified as long-term care—and Medicare explains that “[most long-term care isn’t medical care,” stating that long-term care coverage is not included. (To learn more, visit Medicare’s website.)

It’s easy to see why Part A and Part B of Medicare coverage doesn’t encompass long-term care, given that assisted living communities provide non medical care such as assistance with daily activities in order to prevent accidents and social events to keep residents engaged and happy.

However, when Mom isn’t ready for a nursing home…but does need help with non medical tasks…you can feel as if you’ve reached a dead end for assisted living payment options.

The Medicaid Alternative


Though the answer to the question “Will Medicare pay for assisted living?” may not be what you wanted to hear–don’t feel discouraged.

While your loved one won’t find assistance with Medicare, there is an alternative solution to paying for assisted living expenses.

In fact, currently 43 states–including Ohio–offer some level of assistance for individuals in assisted living or other forms of residential care through their Assisted Living Waiver through Medicaid.

This program covers the costs of care for certain individuals with Medicaid, while the individuals pay for their room and board expenses.

In order to qualify for the program, your mother or father will need to meet certain service and care needs, as well as established financial criteria.

If your parent is an Ohio resident and you’d like to find out if he or she would be eligible for this Medicaid program, visit Ohio Benefits and the Ohio Department of Aging. 

There’s no need for Mom to live alone at home and risk an accident…or move prematurely into a nursing home.

At The Ashford, we provide seniors and their families with an affordable and high-quality long-term care option.

Both of our assisted living locations–The Ashford of Mt. Washington and The Ashford on Broad–accept the Assisted Living Waiver through Medicaid, and are on average 10{66428b7e0c8aff20c6fe525529a828ba776cb26d03e1544c2af380e334db2dbd}-50{66428b7e0c8aff20c6fe525529a828ba776cb26d03e1544c2af380e334db2dbd} more affordable than a number of assisted living locations in their surrounding areas. 

Knowing that your parent is in good hands within a financially accessible community will give you and your family peace of mind.

We invite you and your parent to see our communities for yourselves–schedule a tour of our Cincinnati and Columbus locations